golf lessons.

Dawn {my sister-in-law} and I took golf lessons!
We were coached by Bob Garza, a PGA Professional.
He was great to work with and very patient with my major lack of experience.
I have to say I really learned a lot and really enjoy golfing now.
The last day we were able to go out on the course and have a fun time!
*it was a plus to hear my husband say this is one of the hottest things i've done ;)
I highly suggest it!

plus the cart is alway a blast!


Bullards said...

I'll never forget our first conversation about golf. "yeah, Eric is really serious about it, he even has a glove!" lol oh Ali!!

Btw- I'm really missing my running partner lately!!

Jade Hill said...

Your swing looks pretty good! Ummm and I LOOOVE that comment above hahahaha I cannot believe you said that. Amazing :)