back to august.

 I am pretty proud of myself for this birthday surprise for eric this year.
I had his bags packed (and mine), a car basket full of snacks & things to entertain us on the road, penny & all her dog loot, & extra random stuff just in case.
Sunday after church I rushed home while he was home teaching and I made lunch in lightning speed and loaded the car like a crazy woman. Minus the dog. Then I took a quick shower
(still can't believe I got it all done)
He came home and I kept my cool while eating lunch. He wanted to take a nap and I convinced him we needed to take Penny to the park. He said...later, I said I'll be in the car. About 10 minutes later he was walking out (slightly bugged) and then he was all sorts of confused!!!
I said we'd be in the car for awhile...he was looking all around....his pillow was in the front seat....he finally guessed it and we were on our way to Seattle! Luckily I have a husband that can drive when I'm tired (which is 95% of the time) and so about an hour into it I was zoning out and he took the wheel. Abby & Tony let us use their place for a couple nights while we enjoyed the city.
After looking at these pictures I realized we REALLY packed it in. We did a lot.
Monday morning we woke up and drove to take the ferry. Made it within minutes.
Walked around and went to Pikes. always a favorite.
did some shopping.
walked to the pier and found one of my new favorite antique stores.
rode the ferris wheel..and met the funniest kids on the ride.
took the ferry back and grabbed our dog and some panera and went to a park for lunch.
then back out on the town and went to a glass blowing demonstration. lucked out taking some home.
then hurried to the Ballard fishing locks. (probably eric's favorite)
Saw a legit tugboat and the cool transition between the two bodies of water.
Watched the fish get caught like crazy in the ladder.
We were both pretty hungry by then so we ended the night by going to Anthonys.
We ate dinner on the back patio and had the prettiest sunset to view.
(it was a present for eric because he loves a good sunset)
Thank heavens Anthonys is amazing and offered me a blanket (?!?!) so I wasn't too cold.
The dinner was fantastic and then eric was surprised with peach cobbler -- SO GOOD.
It was a perfect birthday trip for my favorite person.
love you eric.


Emi said...

you are the cutest wifey! i love this birthday getaway especially because we are twins and i did a similar thing for my husband's birthday in july...this is the post! http://chaseandem.blogspot.com/2012/07/husbands-birthday.html

Karen said...

Did you go to the Chuhuli Glass Gardens? Oh my, so beautiful! I love Seattle, and Western Washington. It's where I spent my high school years!

Health, art, and the girl gamer said...

Just found your blog!! Love your photos, what a wonderful birthday he had! I am SO bad at keeping anything a secret...I even divulge what I got my husband for Christmas every year...