my parents are amazing.

Our weekend trip to Utah happened because of them. They are so inspiring, smart, loving, and perfect in my eyes.

We were able to soak up as much family time as possible. It was so fun to see my siblings and their kids all weekend. The more we are away the more we realize what a treat it is to be close. We loved our family time. We got some pictures taken, ate, relaxed, played games, went on bike rides, let penny run wild in a big backyard, talked, and slept a little.

Sunday morning was sacrament meeting where my parents gave their mission farewell talks. They both did wonderful and the musical number was just as great. While they were giving their powerful talks I couldn't help but feel so much happiness inside of me. I felt/feel so lucky to be their daughter. I reflected back to years ago when talk of serving a mission started. My dad actually wanted to leave before I graduated from High school. It's now been about 5 years since I graduated and one of their dreams is now coming true. They get to serve the people in Rochester and let me tell you, those people are so lucky to have my parents. They are full of spunk, knowledge, and a positive nature and the people will LOVE them.

I know it's so cliche to say this but the older I get the more I realize how important my parents are. Even though they have funky awesome personalities they are pretty normal and I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful I had a mom growing up that was my best friend and still is. I'm grateful she taught me how to clean, the importance of brushing my hair, doing what is right, to have a treat after dinner, to realize how blessed I am no matter my current situation, and being an avid temple goer. I'm grateful I have a dad who is so passionate for the gospel, who has a major obsession with clocks, who has a great sense of style and gifts me with awesome clothes, who provided for me growing up, who I can' talk to about ANYTHING and is one of the most selfless and giving people I know.

I love that serving a mission was one of their first priorities when getting older-- not buying a new fancy car, getting a new home, or traveling for years before serving. It shows me as their daughter what is really important to them. They want to help people and people have families and ultimately that is all that matters.

family time is the best time and i can't wait to visit them next summer and see what families they have helped by sacraficing (but blessing) their own.

we love you mom & dad!
can't wait to be pen pals!



Sydney Snarr said...

Thank you Ali for your beautiful words. We feel so blessed to have great kids who are as excited about our mission as we are! Love you to the moon. Mom

Karen said...

Your parents also gave wonderful talks in Stake Conference. Your dad will be a General Authority speaking in Conference some day. You do have a wonderful family, it's always fun to read/hear about the fun things you all do together. I'm excited for you and Eric to continue those traditions with your little family.

Love and Such said...

This was a good post- I'm so excited for your parents!
I love how you included the fact that your dad is obsessed with clocks. So funny!