I don't have much to write about other than the fact that it seems like recently I've felt very blessed. It's fitting that it's November; the month of gratitude.
I am still listening and re-listening to General Conference and we just had our stake conference this weekend. It was just what I needed. It always is because questions are always answered and guidance is always given.

Life is confusing sometimes but a whole lot less stressful when you have the guidance of Heavenly Father. I find myself "enjoying the journey" instead of "enduring." I'm just grateful I have a husband that is by my side and that's close to the spirit.

Eric & I have been working on our family motto for awhile now -- the one that will stick with us for YEARS. It's been very fun and we often catch ourselves looking at each other saying...I like this or I like that. It's finally come together and I feel like it will be perfect for our little family that will eventually grow into a bigger one. I can't wait to finish designing it and have it done in a few months.

Life is exciting & every phase is a good one. I'm just really loving the one we are in right now.

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Alex said...

stalker me found your blog! haha!

I love that enjoying the journey instead of enduring. Thats a good one and should be remembered.